January Birthstone: Garnet

Jackie Kennedy Onassis Garnet Cabochon Brooch

The January birthstone is garnet. The word garnet comes from the Latin word granatum which means pomegranate because it’s fruit is similar in size, shape and color to some garnet crystals.

While most people understandably associate the word garnet with a red gemstone, garnets come in many other colors. Orange, green, yellow and pink are just a few. 

Traditionally associated with the first chakra, garnets are a naturally grounding stone. Because garnets come in different colors, they’re also associated with other chakras depending on their type.  Spessartite garnets, for example, are orange and are associated with the second chakra which awakens latent creative energy while uvarovite garnets, green in color, are associated with the heart chakra.

While there are more than 20 garnet categories called species (one of which is a color changing gemstone that changes color depending on the light source), the most common types and their corresponding colors are:

  • Almandine – red and brown
  • Pyrope – red to purple
  • Spessartite – orange
  • Andradite – green, yellow and black
  • Grossular – green, yellow, red, pink and clear
  • Uvarovite – green
  • Rhodolite – pink to violitish red / purple

Fun Fact: When Jackie Kennedy Onassis’ estate was auctioned, one of the most expensive jewelry items sold was her 19th century garnet cabochon brooch. It sold for $145,500!

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