LOTS OF US played with Barbies when we were kids. I, however, thought my Barbies needed a little something extra: jewelry.  Since the toy companies didn’t offer that option, I decided to make my own.  That’s where it all began.  I was a girl with a dream.  I’m sure you can relate.

Linda Allard

AS IT IS with most of us, what we dream about as children is not what we grow up to do.  Even though I studied fashion design in college, I ended up working in corporate America.  I became very successful and ended up as the president of a national medical company.  One day, due to corporate mergers, I found myself without a job and starting over.  That was the day that I decided to finally pursue my childhood dream.  I returned to school to study gemology and jewelry design, I learned a variety of methods used in jewelry fabrication, and today I have the honor of making dazzling gemstone jewelry for you to wear and enjoy.

IF YOU'RE LIKE ME, just looking at beautiful jewelry makes you happy.  There’s something about the way their gemstones capture the light and project all those wonderful colors.  The sheer brilliance created brightens up the day.  I can literally feel their energy, and it always makes me smile. If I’m having a down day, playing in my jewelry box makes it all better.


What makes Linda Allard Jewelry unique is that each stone is hand-selected. Each piece starts with choosing just the right gemstones. The colors have to work together. They have to compliment each other. It's all about that splash of color.

THE REASON I MAKE JEWELRY is to share that feeling with you.  I want you to be happy every time you look at one of my pieces.  I want to know that I’ve added positive energy to your day. I also make jewelry as a way of giving back.  A portion of every sale goes to one of various charities.  The charity I’m most passionate about is The Alzheimer’s Foundation because of the number of family members both Andrew and I have seen affected by this debilitating disease.

IN THE END, it’s all about pursuing your dreams, creating happiness, and giving back.  That’s what owning a piece of Linda Allard Jewelry means.

So tell me.  What are your dreams?