Who Let The Dogs Out?

Linda and Andrew With Ozzie
The time has come for us to “Let The Dogs Out.” As many of you know, we’ve been talking about putting out a line of dog inspired jewelry for years. Well, the time has finally come! Next week, we’ll be introducing a line of dachshund inspired jewelry in honor of our two dogs, Ozzie and Bunny.

Where It Began …

We’ve been active in dog rescue for many years. From transport to fostering to volunteering at events, we’ve done it all. It’s a true passion. We’re currently fostering this little guy, George Norman. Linda With George Norman
George is a cuddly little old dog. He’s very sweet, tolerates bath time like a champ, and is both blind and deaf. That doesn’t stop him from getting around, though. When he wants to move, he moves! When we got him, he had mange, a yeast infection, and no hair.  After a little TLC, lots of baths, and some good meds he’s on the mend and his hair is returning. He’s currently waiting to be neutered after which he can be adopted. He needs someone who wants to cuddle with him, so if you’re that person feel free to put in an application here.

With little exception, our fosters tend to be special needs. That may be because we already have two of our own. Ozzie has a disc disease that’s caused him to have two surgeries. He’s very active, but right now he’s on crate rest because he overdid it just a bit.  Classic Ozzie. Bunnie, on the other hand, is blind from birth due to bad breaders. She, however, is what I call liquid sunshine.  She’s also very cuddly, making nap time great from Andrew.

And So It Continues …

Our love of these animals has made us talk about creating this line for many years with a goal of donating a percentage to a dog charity or two. We are so pleased and proud that we have finally done it. Pieces will include a sterling silver dachshund necklace specially designed by Linda in two sizes. We also have dachshund earrings and necklaces both in sterling silver and copper in a variety of sizes and chain lengths. And don’t worry … there are more breeds to come. If you have a suggestion, drop us a line.

You Can Help, Too …

These guys deserve to live their best lives and learn that there are people who truly care. If you have some free time, consider helping out a local shelter or rescue near you. I guarantee it’ll be a very rewarding experience.

*Shameless Plug* Dachtoberfest is coming to the Richmond Raceway on September30th.  There’ll be wiener dogs as far as the eye can see, costume contests, races, and more.  It’ll be a fun day for all, so come join us.

Linda Wearing Small Dachshund Necklace Andrew Wearing Large Dachshund Necklace