3 Of The Most Famous Rubies

Ruby And Pink Sapphire Necklace

If you read my past blog article about the ruby then you’ll know that it’s the birthstone for July.  You’ll also know that it’s incredibly strong, surpassed only by diamonds. Rubies have been highly coveted throughout history. With their warm, vibrant hue they’ve captivated cultures around the world. From Medieval European royalty to modern day jewelry enthusiasts, rubies are one of the most sought after gemstones.

The most famous rubies all have remarkable stories behind them. It was hard to choose, but here are three of the most renowned.

1.  The Sunrise Ruby

The Sunrise Ruby is a 25.59-carat Burmese ruby that is considered to be one of the most perfect rubies in the world. It’s a deep, blood-red color with a beautiful star-shaped inclusion. The Sunrise Ruby was set into a ring by Cartier in 1960, and it’s since been auctioned off several times for record-breaking prices. For example, it was auctioned at Sotheby's Geneva in 2015 for a staggering $30.3 million, making it the most expensive gemstone ever sold at auction.

2.  The DeLong Star Ruby

The DeLong Star Ruby is a 100.32-carat Burmese ruby that is also known for its star-shaped inclusion. The star is caused by rutile needles that are aligned within the crystal structure of the ruby. The DeLong Star Ruby is one of the largest and most famous star rubies in the world. It is currently on display at the American Museum of Natural History in New York City. It was discovered by Dr. Henry Meyer DeLong in southern Sri Lanka in the early 1900s.

3.  The Rosser Reeves Ruby

The Rosser Reeves Ruby is a 138.7-carat Sri Lankan ruby that is known for its deep, pigeon-blood color. It is named after Rosser Reeves, the American advertising executive who bought it. Reeves, who donated the gem to the Smithsonian in 1965, had carried it around as a lucky stone and referred to it as "his baby." The ruby initially weighed just over 140 carats, but was very heavily scratched, and a few carats were removed in the re-polishing. The re-polishing also helped to center the stone's star.

These are just three of the most famous rubies in the world. There are many other beautiful and historic rubies out there, and each one has its own unique story to tell. So the next time you see a ruby, take a moment to appreciate its beauty and history. Better yet, get our own by clicking here and browsing our collection of ruby jewelry.