Strawberry Quartz Earrings

SKU: 100425


Strawberry quartz, which gets it name because of its strawberry-like appearance, is quartz with inclusions of various forms of iron oxide like hematite, and it's fairly rare.

Quartz crystals are actually clear. What gives them color is something known as inclusions. Inclusions are any material trapped inside a mineral while that mineral forms. In this case, the trapped minerals give the appearance of strawberry seeds!

Strawberry quartz, which works with the heart chakra, is known to bring energies of universal love into your life. It has the ability to release blockages that may be impeding the flow of positive energy. It's also known to promote compassion and kindness. Wearing these earrings will help bring all these wonderful qualities into your life throughout the day.

The gemstones in these earrings are slices that are lightly polished and mostly raw to preserve their natural energy and beauty. The setting is completely hand fabricated from sterling silver with a french wire back, and these earrings are light enough to comfortably wear all day.

Confidentially Linda says these are the "most cool and funky earrings she's ever made." Don't tell her I told you. ;}


  • Sterling silver
  • Strawberry Quartz 18.83 ct
  • Length 1-5/8 inches
All of our jewelry is hand-made, all the stones are hand selected and we don’t use any synthetic stones ever. We only use real gemstones because we believe each stone has its own energy and story. 
By purchasing any Linda Allard Jewelry piece, you are also making a difference in the world because a portion of each sale is donated to a deserving charity.  To find out more, click here.

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