Fluorite Necklace - 18 inch Sterling Silver Chain

SKU: 100278


The word fluorite comes from the Latin word meaning to flow. This fluorite necklace contains a 14 carat gemstone and comes on an 18 inch sterling silver chain.

Fluorite is a translucent stone, so its color will change depending on what you're wearing. This property makes it go with just about anything since it takes on colors from it's background. From a metaphysical standpoint, fluorite absorbs and neutralizes negative energy and stress, which is certainly helpful right now. It can also increase your powers of concentration and self-confidence as well as help in decision making.

Fluorite is a softer stone, so we recommend that you do not clean it in an ultrasonic cleaner or steam cleaner. Instead use soap and water.


  • Sterling silver
  • Fluorite 14 carat
  • Length ½ inches, Width 1 inch
  • 18 inch sterling silver chain
    Each fluorite pendant is individually designed and crafted because each stone has its own unique shape. We’ve hand-fabricated a setting to match this shape, creating a piece that is both beautiful and fashionable.
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