Citrine Trillion Pendant

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16 inch
18 inch
20 inch

There is some confusion over whether it's trillion, trillion or trilliant. No matter how you spell it, the trillion cut is gorgeous, and this citrine trillion pendant is no exception. Because of the way the stone is cut, it sparkles with the slightest movement. It's also said that a trillion cut looks larger than a round cut of the same carat weight, so you get more brilliance for your buck.

The citrine gemstone is also known for promoting positive energy.  Citrines surround you with a brilliant yellow energy that is uplifting and empowering, so wearing a citrine pendant is like absorbing a little bit of sunshine each day.

This pendant is ½ inch in length and 5/16 inches in width and contains a 1.15 carat trillion cut citrine.


  • Sterling silver
  • Trillion Cut Citrine 1.15 carats
  • ½ inch length, 5/16 inches width
  • Comes on your choice of a 16, 18 or 20 inch chain


    All of our jewelry is hand-made, all the stones are hand selected and we don’t use any synthetic stones ever. We only use real gemstones because we believe each stone has its own energy and story. 
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