Citrine and Druzy Dangle Earrings

SKU: 100360


One-of-a-kind only begins to describe these Citrine And Druzy Dangle Earrings. Both Citrine and Druzy are varieties of quartz, but each has its own special way of sparkling. These earrings are also very lightweight, and their non-symmetrical design make them very artsy.

These dangle earrings are also designed to move, helping them capture the sunlight. If you're looking for a pair of earrings that's totally unique either for yourself or as a gift, get these before someone else does.

Fun Fact: Metaphysically Citrine is known to increase creativity and protect the wearer from negative energy. It radiates positive energy and is often referred to as the “success stone.”


  • Sterling silver
  • Citrine 5 carats
  • Druzy
  • Length 2 inches
All of our jewelry is hand-made, all the stones are hand selected and we don’t use any synthetic stones ever. We only use real gemstones because we believe each stone has its own energy and story. 
By purchasing any Linda Allard Jewelry piece, you are also making a difference in the world because a portion of each sale is donated to a deserving charity.  To find out more, click here.

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