Amethyst Gemstone Bracelet

SKU: 100296


Wear these alone or combine them with others to create your own stack. You can never have too many gemstones so have fun with them.

This bracelet is made with 6 mm amethyst beads on a stretchy cord. There's one 8 mm purple agate bead in the center as a grounding stone.

You may notice the white banding in this amethyst. It's called Dog Tooth Amethyst or Chevron Amethyst, and the banding is created when amethyst is combined with clear quartz. This stone has the wonderful healing qualities of quartz along with the calming qualities of amethyst. It's also said to help with resistance to change.


  • 6 mm Amethyst Beads
  • 8 mm Purple Agate Bead
  • Stretchy cord
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