All of our jewelry is hand-made. Each Lavender Turquoise piece is hand fabricated and polished, making it unique, and each stone was hand selected.

Not all turquoise is created equal. Lavender Turquoise, also known as Golden Hills or Kazakhstan Turquoise, is special for many reasons. Discovered in 2013, Golden Hills Turquoise comes from a deposit in the Golden Hills mine in Kazakhstan. The stone is a light blue color with a matrix that can be anywhere from a deep lavender to deep reds or browns.

The Golden Hills mine sits in the hills of Kazakhstan where this turquoise is only mined in the winter months during the freezing cold and snow. They can’t mine it in the summer because of flooding in the area. Location and mining conditions make this gemstone very rare.

Golden Hills turquoise is some of the most chemically pure turquoise to be found in the world, and its color and consistency is one of the most vibrant and durable. It’s also natural as opposed to stabilized, increasing its rarity and, therefore, its value.