Simply Silver Three Shape Drop Earrings

SKU: 100168


Are you a risk taker? I thought so because you want to combine all the geometric shapes and not just have one style. I mean who knows if triangles like hexagons? I do feel like the squares will keep them all in line, though.

These ultra lightweight sterling silver earrings are so comfortable you'll want to wear them every day. They're made from sterling silver wire that's hand-forged, soldered and then hammered to give them personality.

Please note that each earring is hand forged so what you receive can vary slightly from the pictures.


  • Sterling silver
  • Length 1½ inch
    All of our jewelry is hand-made. Each Simply Silver piece is hand fabricated and polished, making it unique. 
    By purchasing any Linda Allard Jewelry piece, you are also making a difference in the world because a portion of each sale is donated to a deserving charity.  To find out more, click here.

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