Simply Silver Lotus Petal Drop Earrings

SKU: 100171


Are you looking for lightweight silver earrings that will go with anything? If so, these lotus petal drop earrings might be just what you're searching for.

I started making different shapes by wrapping wire around mandrels similar to what I'd done in a wonderful class I took a while back. When I made these earrings, I realized that they were a lotus petal. Although I want to be intentional in all that I do, the fact that out of bending and soldering I had a lotus pedal felt like a surprise gift, especially as we all go through a time where many of us struggle.

The lotus flower is different from other flowers because, before it blooms and blossoms, it has to go through the mud. So, as we're all going through the mud this year may these earrings bring you some joy knowing that the sun is on the other side.

Please note that each earring is hand-forged so what you receive can vary slightly from the pictures.


  • Sterling silver
  • Length 1½ inch
    All of our jewelry is hand-made. Each Simply Silver piece is hand fabricated and polished, making it unique. 
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