What Makes A Gemstone A Gemstone?

Picture of Gemstones 

We love gemstones. We love their color. We love their look.  We love everything about them. So here's a question.  Have you ever wondered what makes a gemstone a gemstone and not just a pretty rock?  If you search the web you'll find many different answers, but we're going to concentrate on what we believe to be the three main factors.

1. Durability - It has to wear well and last. Kunzite was a beautiful stone that became popular, but it didn't wear well so it quickly lost it's popularity.

2. Beauty - It has to be aesthetically pleasing.  If it's not pretty, nobody's going to buy it.

3. Rare, but available - Here's a strange combination. Rarity determines value, but it doesn't matter how beautiful and rare it is if there's no way to get it.

While most gemstones are minerals, there are also some rocks, like lapis lazuli and opal, and organic materials, like pearls, that are also considered to be gemstones.

So, what's your favorite gemstone?  Write and tell us.  We would love to hear from you.