In this fast-paced world, do you sometimes feel you need to take a breath and stop to feel the beauty that surrounds you? I know I do.

That’s why I started creating hand-fabricated jewelry made with good intention and positive energy for the person who wants to wear beauty and to feel inspired. My inspiration comes from the stones themselves and how they make me feel. It's also important to me to know that I'm contributing to my community and the world we live in, so I donate a portion of all my sales to local charities.

I   S T A R T E D  designing jewelry when I as a very young girl when I noticed my Barbies lacked earrings. Beads stuck into their ears with straight pins were my original design. I went on to study fashion in college but later, after a career in management, moved into jewelry and after that there was no looking back. To ensure my expertise in selecting and setting the highest-quality gemstones, I studied with the Art Institute, Jewelry Designer Institute, Gemological Institute of America and New Approach. I also became a Reike master and hold certificates in crystal healing and color therapy.

I   F O U N D  that when I created meaningful pieces made with powerful stones and focused intention, the result was a focal point for energy and positivity. Catching a glimpse of it in the mirror, clasping your hand around it in moments of stress or even just feeling its weight against your skin reminds you of the gemstone's healing properties and of your own inner resources.

Want to see what stones inspire you? Check out my chakra collection.